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Puppy Class

There is nothing more exciting than bringing that new puppy home.  However, along with that excitement comes a bunch of work for the new owner.  That work not only includes cleaning up after, feeding, and exercising your new puppy, but it also includes all the education that you have to give your new best friend so that you can enjoy him or her for its entire life.

It is called puppy training, and we have a great program that will guide you through all the information that you need to know.

So right off the bat, you need to start the training process.  However, at eight weeks of age, which by the way, is the perfect time to get a puppy, we are not talking about the typical obedience class we are talking about puppy classes.

Our puppy training class includes some of the things that every good dog owner should know.  We teach you about exercise and how important it is to have a happy dog for the rest of its life.

We also discuss socializing your puppy and how important it is to socialize your dog early contrary to what your vet or well-meaning friends may tell you.  Here is an article that was written by a veterinarian on our blog that discusses that exact subject. Take a look. It is very valuable information.

After socializing your dog, house training a puppy is probably the next most important question that new puppy owners ask.  In our puppy program, we teach you how to house train your puppy the easy way.  I say easy because that is the phrase that our clients use.

In the puppy house training portion of the class, we teach you how to do it, and then we are with you all along the way to help you never have another accident in the house again. It is just so simple that you will love house training your puppy the easy way.

What about all the biting that your puppy is doing.  Do your hands and arms look like you have been attacked and scratched up.  Your puppy doesn’t mean to be hurting you, but at this point, it’s the only way he knows how to communicate. We give plenty of time on this subject so that we can make biting on you a thing of the past, quickly.

Every dog needs a crate, and so does yours.  A crate is your dog’s den, and your dog is a den animal.  We are going to teach you how to get your dog to love the crate and which crate is best for your puppy.

So I have given you some information on the different things you will learn in this one lesson program.  Here are all the things we cover:

  1. House Training, it’s easy if you know how
  2. Crate training and which crate is best
  3. How to eliminate the chewing, all of it
  4. Socialization
  5. Toy, which ones are safe and which ones are not
  6. How to play with your dog
  7. Feeding your dog the right way
  8. Your puppy and the vet
  9. And we will answer all your questions

This program gives you unlimited calls to answer puppy questions until your dog is four months old.

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