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In-Home Obedience Training

In-home dog training is one of the best ways to train a dog.  During your 4 lesson program and with the aid of your private trainer, you will be able to accomplish goals that will shock you and your dog as well.

One of the reasons for such good results is the fact that your trainer will be able to help you with the things that you feel are important to you.  Everybody has different goals and what they expect from their trained dog.  In-home lessons will allow you to accomplish those particular goals.

Another reason that in-home dog training is so successful is the fact that we are training where the dog is comfortable, at home.  There are no distractions, and we don’t have a bunch of other dogs stealing your dog’s attention.

What about distractions, you say?  Well, having a dog that can work around distractions is important; however, we need to teach it first, and then we start adding distraction a little bit at a time.  Think of it this way; we teach our child how to spell before we put him or her in the spelling bee with all the distraction and pressure. Does that make sense?

After each lesson, your trainer will give you a homework sheet that describes the exercises that you need to work on to prepare your dog for the next lesson.  Your trainer is available seven days a week to answer any questions you may have in between lessons at no extra charge.

No method of training is more convenient than in-home dog training.  Our program has been structured to help you obedience train your dog with the following exercises:

Walking on a loose leash, you will love this one!

1. Sit
2. Down
3. Stand
4. Sit-Stay at a distance and with you out of sight
5. Down-Stay at a distance and with you out of sight
6. Stand-Stay
7. Recall, so your dog comes when you call

We will also help you solve common behavior issues that could include things like:

1. Jumping
2. Barking
3. Digging
4. Jumping on counters
5. Chewing
6. Manners at the door
7. House training
8. and many more…

If you have any particular commands or behavior issues that your dog needs help with, be sure and let us know.

If you have a dog that is showing aggression, we have an aggressive dog rehabilitation program for that as well.  The rehabilitation program covers all types of aggression with people or dogs.  Maybe you have a dog that is showing in-home aggression with the members of the house, however, is friendly with anybody else, we have a solution.

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