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Group Obedience Classes

Our six lesson group obedience classes at are a great way to learn how to train your dog, and they are affordable; however, there are some things you need to consider when signing up.

There will be up to 10 dogs in a class, so for the protection of all dogs and people, if you have a dog that is not dog and people-friendly, this is not the class for you. If you own an aggressive dog, you may want to consider our Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation Program.

While private lessons may zero in on specific problems that your dog is having, the group classes are a bit more generalized.  We will, however, answer any question that may help your dog and any specific problems or behaviors it is having as time permits.

Group classes are held weekly at a specific time and place.  Attendance is crucial to keep up with the work.  Your job after each class is to work with your dog at least once a day.  Since repetition is the number one principle of dog training, we encourage you to work with your dog 2 – 3 times daily if possible for ultimate results.

Our group obedience classes include the following exercises.

You will learn to walk with your dog on a loose leash, and you will love this one.

We will also teach the sit and the sit-stay, which is great when meeting new people or when you need some manners at the door.

The down and down-stay exercises are really important to elevate you to the position as a pack leader.  When you are 20 feet away and tell your dog to down without doing anything else, and he does it, it means you are the pack leader.  This is also one of two life saying exercises we teach.

The stand and stand-stay exercises come in handy when you visit your vet or when grooming your dog.

We certainly don’t want to forget the recall.  It is the other life-saving exercise I mentioned.  Getting your dog to come when you call it is very important.

On top of all these great exercises, we will spend time-solving all the behavior issues you might be dealing with.

When you complete this class, you will know everything you need to have a well-trained dog for life.

Group Obedience Classes have been around forever; however, over the last few years, it has gotten harder and harder to put together enough people to create a group class. It seems that most people opt for private in-home lessons.  If you would like a group class, think about getting a group of friends together from your neighborhood, apartment, or maybe even friends from work.

If a group class is for you give us a call, and we will try to make sure we can accommodate you.

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