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Board and Train Program

You and your dog will both love our board and train program. Why will my dog love it, you ask?  Because of all the interaction with the trainer.  That’s right with our 4-week board and train program your dog will not only learn to be a well behaved obedient dog it will learn a bunch about being social and interacting with people and other creatures when out for a walk or at the park.

The exercises that your dog will master include but not limited to

#1 Walking on a loose leash, so you can enjoy going for a walk and not being pulled down the street.

#2 The sit when you give the command, even with distractions.

#3 The down exercise, which is one of the most important exercises that makes you the pack leader.

#4 The sit-stay, which is also great when greeting a person at the door or even the pizza delivery person.

#5 The down-stay will get you a dog that has control even when you are out of sight.  The dog learns never to get up until you return.

#6 The stand and the stand-stay, these are great for grooming and vet visits.

#7 The recall, so your dog comes when you call.

#8 Housetraining, yes we can throw that in the list while your dog is here and we won’t even charge you any extra

#9 We are going to make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise while your dog is with us because a tired dog is a happy dog.

#10 When your dog’s program is completed, we are going to give you back a trained dog and teach you how to continue the training at home.

Here are a couple of things you should know about our board and train program.  We do not use electronic collars or any other harsh treatment to train your dog.  We know how to train your dog using humane and positive methods; however, I do want you to know that we do not use treats or clickers.  We want you to have a dog that understands and does the exercises because of mutual trust and respect, so we train your dog and do not bribe it. Simply put, your dog will be working for your praise.

So the question is, who is the board and train program for?  Usually, people choose this program for one of these reasons.  It could be a person who doesn’t feel that they would be able to train their dog on a daily basis because of work or travel commitments.  It might also be a person who just feels that they would not make a good trainer; however, they want to be able to enjoy a nicely trained dog. Whatever your reason might be, our board and train program is an excellent way to have a nicely trained dog. 

Another added benefit of our program is that once you and your dog become our clients, we are here for you 365 days a year to answer any question or to help you solve any problems that may come up over the years.

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