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At Your Chattanooga Dog Trainer, we have found that most new dog owners want a nicely trained, well-behaved pet; however, many of them never seem to get around to doing the training. Most people feel that training the dog will take too much time and energy, but that is not true.  If you will work with your dog only 15 minutes a day and do that training in a bunch of different places, you will have the best-trained dog in the neighborhood.

Everybody has 15 minutes a day to spend with their dog or at least they should.  Your dog needs that interaction for it to feel like it is a member of the family. Going for a walk, chasing the ball or training, are all things that you can do together.

Every dog needs to learn the same basic commands that include:

1. Sit on command, when you tell it one time

2. Down on command, this exercise makes you the pack leader

3. Sit-stay, great for manners at the door and meeting new people

4. Down-stay, control in any situation

5. Come on command; this can be a life-saving exercise

6. Last but not least, walking on a loose leash, so your dog doesn’t drag you down the street, and you can enjoy going for a walk again.

These are the exercise we will teach you so that you can teach your dog.

We will also help you solve any behavior issues that you are having with your dog, like jumping, barking, digging, and all the other bad habits your dog may have.

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We offer all types of training and behavior modification for your dog and we do it without shock collars or harsh methods.

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#1 Training A Happy Dog

There are several different things that you can do for your dog to keep him happy.

To start, let’s talk about the walk.  Walking with your dog builds the pack mentality, and by you maintaining your spot in front shows your dog that you are the pack leader. Being able to enjoy that walk involves training your dog to heel, walk nicely at your side.

Training your dog also teaches your dog that you are the pack leader.  A considerable amount of research has shown that a trained dog is happier and is less like to show aggression.

Having a well-trained dog allows you to take your dog more places and interact with more people. Doing this will allow you to spend more time with each other.

One easy training secret is to give your dog 5 minutes of something it likes after each training session.  Doing that makes your dog look forward to the next training session with you.

Remember, a well trained, obedient dog will be a happy dog, but it is also important to remember that a tired dog is actually happier, so give your dog as much exercise as you can handle.

So get out there and spend time with your dog.  It will make you both happier.

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Different Ways To Train Your Dog

At Your Chattanooga Dog Trainer, we know there are several different ways to train a dog. Some methods are better than others and achieve better results. We offer all the methods so we can help you achieve your goals.

DIY – Of course, you can always train your dog yourself; however, the results are not always what you would hope they would be. Training your dog can be a very enjoyable adventure if you know what you are doing or at least have a little help and guidance from a professional trainer.

Group Training Classes – These are usually the least costly method to train your dog with the help of a trainer. However, that surely doesn’t mean that it is good for everyone. First of all, the classes are held at a specific time, and you have to be there no matter what other plans you may have. If you miss a class, there is usually an additional charge. Usually, the dogs are so distracted by each other that they are not listening to the handler’s instructions. The instructor has to divide his/her attention on everybody in the class, so there is very little personal attention. So it seems that your issues never seem to get resolved.

In-Home Training – This is considered the most effective method to train your dog.

Everything is done in the dog’s home, so there aren’t any distractions. You will add distractions slowly to the training as the dog progresses with the training. The most important thing for you to remember is that the dog should be trained at least once a day for no more than a 15-minute session. Twice a day is even better, and three-time a day is the ultimate, but never more than 15 minutes in a session.

Board and Train – This is a method that, if done correctly, can give you a nicely trained dog. The program should be at least four weeks, 28 days. Anything less, and the results will not be what you hoped for. Make sure that the program you are looking at includes the exercises that you would like your dog to do or to be able to do. The program should also include at least two private lessons after the training to teach you what your dog already knows. This is probably the easiest way to get a trained dog.

Teaching your dog the basic exercises is a must, and you may even want to go farther with some advanced training. Continuing to advanced training can be a lot of fun and enjoyment for you and your dog.

The key to success is to quit thinking about training your dog and just get out there and do it.

What our clients say

I did individual training with my 3.5 year old dog with increasing dog aggression. My trainer was easy to understand, patient, reliable, and her love for dogs was evident. It has made ALL the difference in the world for my pack! I wholeheartedly recommend this program! It works if you work it!!!

Karen D.

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